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Jan 1, 2016
It is amazingly cold right now, but our flocks are doing great! No frostbite at all, (knock on wood), and the girls are laying great! Even Amanda, our Cotton Patch Goose, has started laying! 

Oct 15, 2015
Back in Business! 
Great to be home in the Pacific Northwest! We are back in the Spokane area, just North of Greenbluff near Chattaroy! It has taken a bit of time, but we are finally getting things going again. We have Speckled Sussex and Mille Fleur eggs in the incubator, Buckeye chicks growing up, and Easterfelders growing out that should begin laying soon. We also have a new greenhouse coming! Excited to have food for us and critters growing all winter!

April 23, 2015
Our coop page is up!
Click on "the coop" in our header menu and check out the coop page!

Mar 07, 2015
Learning to ship!
Shipping live animals is no easy task! There are a lot of factors to consider when shipping chicks, will they be warm enough? Will they be cool enough? Will they get hungry or thirsty? What if they get delayed? It is always stressful for me when I have animals in transit. I always worry about them until they get to their new home safely. Then there's legal issues, health concerns, proper labeling, sturdy and secure packaging, tracking, record keeping.
With eggs, will they get broken? Or shaken around so much they get scrambled? What's the best way to package eggs so they can travel safely? Lots to learn!  *puts on study hat*

Speckled Sussex
Winter Wonderland